US Labor Sec: Elon Musk ‘not opposed’ to unionization ‘if workers were interested’


According to United States Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, during a recent chat with Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the CEO underlined that he was not averse to the company’s staff being organized if employees expressed a desire. According to Walsh, in an interview with Yahoo! Finance Live, “we had a terrific talk.” Economics and manufacturing came up during our conversation. We spoke about a wide range of topics in depth. I did inquire about the possibility of unionization. He has categorically said that he is not opposed to it. He said that if the employees were interested, he would welcome the opportunity to speak with them.”

Musk recently said in a tweet that he was not averse to the United Auto Workers (UAW) coming to Tesla’s Fremont facility in Northern California to conduct a vote on its contract. “I’d want to formally welcome the United Auto Workers to conduct a union vote whenever they’d like. “Tesla will do absolutely nothing to prevent them,” Musk said. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between Walsh’s words and those made by Musk in a tweet published on March 3. Several years have passed since Musk has stated that Tesla treats its workers well; so well, in fact, that none of them would support a labor union at the plant. Because the Bay Area has negative unemployment, if we don’t treat and reward our (amazing) employees properly, they will just quit because they will have many other offers. Musk made a statement.

Musk has been a vocal opponent of unionization for numerous years, and his most recent comments were in response to a $2.2 million embezzlement fraud perpetrated by a former United Auto Workers treasurer in Detroit. Musk said earlier this week that the motto of the United Car Workers is “Fighting for the freedom to pilfer money from auto workers! ” The United Auto Workers (UAW) plundered millions from workers, while Tesla has made many of its employee’s billionaires (via stock grants). “It’s a subtle, but significant change,” Musk observed. A former secretary-treasurer of the United Auto Workers Local 412 in Detroit has pled guilty to embezzling union funds and money laundering charges. The Local’s bank accounts were “systematically emptied,” according to a Reuters investigation. The sum involved was around $2.2 million. Timothy Edmunds was fired as secretary-treasurer after the article was published.

Walsh paid a visit to Tesla’s new Gigafactory Texas earlier this month, according to the company. This is a fantastic complex, with a total floor space of ten million square feet. “It’s one of the most impressive structures I’ve ever seen,” Walsh added. “It’s difficult, however, since he constructed it on what was essentially a dump.” That was something we discussed.

We spoke about the company’s culture and how he feels about it as a whole. During our conversation, we discussed a variety of topics.” The meeting between Walsh and Musk was one of the first official acknowledgments of Tesla by the Biden Administration. Musk, along with Tesla supporters, has often criticized Vice President Joe Biden and other government officials for failing to recognize the company’s contributions to the global electric car industry, which has grown significantly in recent years. During a news appearance in February, Vice President Biden mentioned Tesla for the first time.


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