After Elon Musk Blasts Twitter For Censorship, Free Speech Lovers Call On Him To Take Action


Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, slammed Twitter for “failing to adhere to free speech values” in a tweet sent out on Saturday afternoon that went viral immediately. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is worth more than $200 billion, then asked his 79.1 million Twitter followers if a “new platform” was required to take over for the social media behemoth. Musk’s followers responded in the affirmative.

According to the SpaceX founder, “Given that Twitter functions as the de facto public town square, failure to adhere to free speech rules severely weakens democracy.” “What should be done in this situation? Is it necessary to upgrade to a new platform?” Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s comments were in response to a poll he conducted on Friday in which, after proclaiming free expression to be “vital to a functioning democracy,” he asked: “Do you feel Twitter adheres closely to this principle?”

More than 2 million replies were received, with more than 70% voting “no.” Recently, Musk has been in the news a lot, particularly for challenging Russian President Vladimir Putin to “single combat” with Ukraine as the stakes and supplying Ukrainian resistance with Starlink satellite internet and receivers. Musk has also been in the news for his Starlink satellite internet and receivers. In defending his choice not to regulate Russian state media, he also proclaimed himself to be an “absolutist of free expression.”

Meanwhile, free speech has been a major concern for Twitter, which has continued to ban conservatives and people who disagree with dominant narratives on hot-button matters such as Covid-19 and gender theory. In the meanwhile,

Following Musk’s post, the response was fast and overwhelmingly positive, with numerous people urging the world’s wealthiest man to do the world a favor and acquire the property himself, followed by a request for him to manage Twitter with free expression as a top priority.

Although Twitter is a privately held firm, Musk is correct. When it comes to public discourse, it has essentially become the “de facto public square,” the one place where everyone, from celebrities and politicians to common people, can share ideas and engage with one another on a level that has never been seen before in human history. However, however, it has recently become a weapon for leftist tech oligarchs to impose their perverted vision on everyone by suppressing individuals who do not agree with their point of view. Musk, with his political power and, more importantly, his financial resources, have the ability to reshape the world overnight. Is he able to muster the courage? We can only hope, can’t we?


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