SpaceX’s Starlink Now Available in Nigeria and Mozambique


Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, said in a tweet that Starlink has been granted permission to deliver high-speed, low-latency broadband internet service in Nigeria and Mozambique.

Since May 2021, SpaceX has been in talks with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the country’s governing body for telecommunications, in order to start the process of pursuing all of the necessary licenses to bring Starlink, the company’s satellite-based broadband services, to Nigeria. Starlink is SpaceX’s flagship product.

According to a report provided by the NCC, Starlinks was awarded not one but two licenses, namely the International Gateway license and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) license. Going forward, the company will do business under the name Starlink Internet Services Nigeria Ltd. In addition to this, the NCC has confirmed that both licenses will become active beginning in May of 2022. Both the International Gateway license and the ISP license will be valid for 10 years, while the ISP license will only be active for five years and will be eligible for renewal after the contract has run its course.

The service that Starlink provides is optimal for locations with a population density of low to medium. Internet connectivity may also be provided, even in places where high-speed broadband is either unavailable or unstable. On the other hand, the capacity of emerging African governments to pay for the service has been called into doubt, and very correctly so. The monthly subscription for the satellite broadband service is USD 110, and the whole Starlink kit is USD 599; this is an amount that the majority of people in Nigeria and Mozambique may not be able to pay.

Starlink currently operates across all continents and in 32 countries thanks to the inclusion of Nigeria and Mozambique. This is possible because the company has received the necessary permissions to do business in each of these nations.

Source: AfricaNews


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