SpaceX Starlink surprises once again and hits a download speed of about 300 Mbps


The Starlink satellite internet service from Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) has achieved yet another record-breaking download test results in the United States. Starlink is a small satellite internet constellation in low Earth orbit that seeks to give worldwide coverage.

Starlink has exceeded broadband download speeds in most of the nations where it operates, according to multiple speed test results compilations. According to today’s statistics, the service has a download speed of 301 Mbps, making it one of the quickest we’ve seen. The latency, on the other hand, continues to leave space for improvement, and the upload speed is likewise far behind the great download test result.

A member of the social media network Reddit revealed the internet speed test results. DullKn1fe, a Reddit member, posted the results earlier today, claiming that he took the exam early in the morning. His Starlink connection had been able to achieve an incredible download speed of 301 Mbps, according to the final report. DullKn1fe’s subsequent remarks showed that he resides in rural Wisconsin, in the continental United States’ northeastern region.

When compared to prior download tests that we’ve seen, today’s findings are among the quickest. They’re also far faster than the average Starlink download rates in the United States, according to Ookla, a famous internet speed testing firm. While download speeds in rural Wisconsin are excellent, upload speeds and latency (the time it takes for an information packet to transmit from one user to another) should be improved.

DullKn1fe was able to attain 20.5 Mbps upload speed and 78 milliseconds (ms) latency in the test

When comparing the findings to prior speed statistics, it becomes clear that 301 Mbps is at the very top of the food chain. The greatest download speed of 299 Mbps belonged to a subscriber in Grass Valley, California, according to a Starlink internet speed report from March of this year. The same user, however, also received a low speed of 1.23 Mbps, demonstrating that the high speeds are not reliable.

The median download speeds in the United States were 105 Mbps, according to a research done by Ookla for Starlink speed testing in the fourth quarter of last year. According to Ookla, the fastest median download speed attained by the internet service was 191 Mbps in Miami Date County, Florida, where Starlink provided the service. The slowest speeds were found in Columbia County, Oregon, at 64.95 Mbps. The median is the midway number in statistics and data analysis, and it eliminates the impact of extremes on the data collection.

The statistics also revealed that, compared to the previous quarter, the range between the greatest and lowest download speeds in the fourth quarter grew by 30 Mbps, or 30%, over the previous quarter’s 100 Mbps. During the same quarter, however, Starlink increased its median download speeds by 10%.

It seems that today’s high speeds are not exclusive to the United States. A German Starlink user responded to DullKn1fe by saying that their service had reached 250 Mbps download speed. This came with a faster upload speed of 30 Mbps, and the European said that the test, unlike the one in Wisconsin, was done during the day, when connections are often poor. When compared to another German customer who claimed a stunning download speed of 560 Mbps in May of last year, these look to be moderate.



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