Elon Musk Has a New Message for Ukrainians Fighting Russian Invasion


Since Russia’s unjustified invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Elon Musk has established himself as a significant supporter of the Ukrainian people and government.

He has openly stated his support, which is unusual for a CEO of a large global corporation such as Tesla (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc Report and SpaceX. In doing so, he provided an example for other CEOs to follow.

Aside from words, the billionaire has performed a number of steps to assist Ukraine and Ukrainians, despite the fact that he is well aware that he does not possess the key to resolving the conflict. Musk sent three shipments of Starlink terminals to Ukraine, which are used to access the satellite internet service provided by his space business, SpaceX.

These terminals enable people in isolated locations, cities, and villages that have been damaged by Russian bombardment, as well as Ukrainians in general, to remain linked to the rest of the world. They effectively ensure that the nation whose communications infrastructure was devastated by the Russian army continues to have access to a fast, secure, and autonomous internet connection for the foreseeable future.

This is critical because, during an armed war, each side attempts to create its own propaganda in order to attract sympathy from the rest of the world. Everything must be done, therefore, to prevent one party from gaining an advantage in the communication battle. Musk’s decision to deliver Starlink terminals to Ukraine enables regular Ukrainians to continue to convey the inner story of their everyday lives without interference from Moscow, which would otherwise dictate and shape the narrative.

strong>Russia Launches Massive Cyberattacks Against Ukrainian Infrastructure/strong>

Tesla Powerwalls, which are integrated battery systems that store solar energy, were also secretly sent to Ukraine by the billionaire in order to aid the war-torn nation.

Although Russia has been engaged in a conventional battle with the United States, it has also been involved in another conflict, which involves cyberattacks, particularly those targeting communication facilities.

According to The Washington Post, U.S. intelligence experts have determined that Russian military espionage hackers were behind an assault on a satellite internet service that crippled Ukraine’s military communications at the outset of the conflict last month.

The Russian government had most likely hacked the Ukrainian military, energy, and other important computer networks in the previous month, before the invasion, in order to gather information and position themselves to possibly destroy the systems.

The latest disruptions, which started on February 24 — the day Russia invaded Ukraine — were caused by a breach of satellite modems belonging to tens of thousands of individuals in Ukraine and other European nations, according to a representative from the U.S. company Viasat, based in Carlsbad, California. Ukrainian authorities informed the newspaper that citizens, as well as members of Ukraine’s military and other government institutions, were among those who were impacted.

According to the Post, a Viasat representative said that fresh modems will be dispatched to distributors in order to be distributed to customers who had been impacted by the incident.

Moreover, the security of other broadband providers with poorly maintained firmware on their client network infrastructure is called into doubt by these intrusions.

The Russians have not yet hacked into the Starlink terminals.
However, despite their strength, these Russian assaults have yet to have an impact on Starlink internet stations, which allow Ukrainians to remain connected with the rest of the globe, according to Musk.

During a tweetstorm on March 25, Musk asserted that “Starlink, at least so far,” had defied all hacking and jamming efforts.

This revelation by Musk comes as a sigh of relief for Ukraine and Ukrainians since it implies that Russia does not have complete control over all communications to and from the country. This is critical because the crisis, which has already claimed hundreds of lives and forced millions of people to flee their homes, is here to stay, as the UN Secretary-General has said. Without a doubt, the battle for information will get more intense.

Civilians in regions under assault who have lost Internet connectivity, as well as government officials, are taking use of Starlink technology.

“Another shipment of Starlink stations has arrived!” On March 18, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov shared a picture of the hardware on Twitter, which was afterward deleted. “While Russia restricts access to the Internet, Ukraine is growing increasingly accessible to the whole globe, a trend that will continue. Ukraine is the source of truth. The truth is always victorious. Thank you to @elonmusk, the Polish government, and Orlen for their support.”

Earlier this week, US Vice President Joe Biden warned that the unjustified invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions against aggressor Russia might result in a spate of cybersecurity breaches carried out by the Kremlin and other quasi-official sources in the country. Deputy Vice President Joe Biden said that his government had “developing information” indicating Russia would use cyber warfare to retaliate against United States sanctions against the country.

“It’s a strategy that Russia employs. As a result of developing data indicating that the Russian government is considering alternatives for a possible cyberattack, my Administration reiterates those warnings today, according to the White House “Biden made the statement.


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