Elon Musk Confirms Two New Multi-Layered Colors From Giga Berlin


Tesla CEO Elon Musk answered a large number of questions from the crowd after his address to Giga Berlin employees on March 22 at the plant’s grand opening celebrations. A variety of issues were discussed, including Tesla’s growth into new markets, new product introductions, new battery technology, and other related subjects. Given that Musk previously said that Giga Berlin’s paint shop will feature “additional layers of gorgeous colors that gently vary with curvature,” one of the queries focused on the new body colors that would be accessible from the facility.

Tesla’s chief executive revealed two additional unique body colors, red and silver, that would be created at the company’s first European manufacturing facility. “The total amount of colors must be kept to a minimum, but we will create some unique colors here, and it is not only about the color itself, but about the layers of paint that are applied in order to get the desired three-dimensionality.
We’re going to produce a really unique red, which I believe a lot of people have already seen in some form or another. It’s similar to painting with 13 layers of paint. The layers give the paint depth and complexity, and the color seems deep and complicated as a result. And then there will be a silver that has fewer layers, I believe it will be eight or something like that. It’s still going to be something extraordinary, like liquid silver in some ways.”

You may recall that three new colors were added to the Tesla app in late 2021: Deep Crimson Multicoat, Abyss Blue Multicoat, and Mercury Silver Metallic, all of which were previously unavailable. When discussing Deep Crimson Multicoat and Mercury Silver Metallic, it’s quite probable that Musk was referring to the two new colors that were just introduced.

A stunning prototype color for Musk’s personal Model S, the former has been said to be the color of his own vehicle, which was observed in 2020 in the executive parking lot at the SpaceX offices sporting a striking prototype hue.

Musk also said that colors are difficult to design since numerous aspects, such as service, must be taken into mind while producing new paints.

“As far as colors are concerned, whatever hues will be accessible from this plant, colors are always a difficulty because when it comes to colors, you not only have to create it, but you also have to maintain it and repair it over a period of time that might last up to 20 years. In such a case, you must ask yourself, “What are we going to put the service staff through?”

When Tesla showed off the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg County Fair last year, it showed out the paint shop where the new layering hues would be created. The business displayed a Model Y prototype that had been painted in a bespoke paint scheme that included numerous new colors.


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